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3 Translation results for touching in Spanish

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touching adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
touching adjective

  • touching lots in the housing development will eventually be separated by hedges for privacy
  • a touching movie about two lost animals who try to find their way home

Synonyms of
touching adjective

Detailed synonyms for touching adjective

See: Moving

touch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
touched, has touched, is touching, touches
tocar, tentar; tocarse; conmover, afectar

Example sentences of
touch verb

  • Please do not touch the statue.
  • Slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes.
  • He tried to touch the snake with a stick.
  • The top of the Christmas tree almost touches the ceiling.
  • Sparks flew when the wires touched each other.
  • They were standing side-by-side with their shoulders touching.
  • Sparks flew when the wires touched.
  • Their house burned to the ground, but the house next door wasn't touched by the fire.

Detailed synonyms for touch verb

1. Touch, feel, handle, paw, finger, stroke significan conseguir una sensación, producirla o afectar con ella mediante el contacto físico o algo similar.
  • Touch recalca el hecho, y puede indicar contacto físico o el uso de un utensilio <she touched the paint to see if it was dry>.
  • Feel recalca la sensación inducida o experimentada <he felt around in the dark for the light switch>.
  • Handle indica una examinación o exploración hecha con las manos o los dedos con el fin de determinar cualidades como la textura, el peso o la condición <she didn't like it when her customers handled the goods>.
  • Paw suele connotar el tocar de manera torpe u ofensiva <pawed eagerly through the box>.
  • Finger connota tocar o manejar algo <fingering her ring nervously as she spoke>.
  • Stroke connota frotar suavemente en una dirección <gently stroking the cat>.
2. See: Affect, Match

touching preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
tocante a

Example sentences of
touching preposition

  • there has been an objection touching the last of the proposed new bylaws

Reverse translation for touching

conmovedor  - moving, touching 
tocar  - to knock, to ring, to touch, to feel, to handle, to touch on, to refer to, to concern, to affect, to play (a musical instrument) 
tentar  - to feel, to touch, to test, to try, to tempt, to entice 
conmover  - to move, to touch, to shake up 
afectar  - to affect, to upset, (figurative) to shake up, to feign, to pretend 
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