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noun | verb

match noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
igual; partido, combate (en boxeo); matrimonio, casamiento; fósforo, cerilla, cerillo

Example sentences of
match noun

  • She struck a match and lit a candle.
  • He lost a close match against a tough opponent.
  • She knew after the first game that she had met her match.
  • The curtains and carpet are a perfect match.
  • Everyone thought that they were a match made in heaven.

Detailed synonyms for match noun

See: Parallel

match verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
matched, has matched, is matching, matches
concordar, coincidir; enfrentar, oponer; hacer juego; igualar, corresponder a, coincidir con; combinar con, hacer juego con

Example sentences of
match verb

  • This color matches your skin tone.
  • She was wearing a beautiful skirt, but her sweater didn't match it.
  • The upbeat music matched her mood.
  • Her skirt and sweater matched perfectly.
  • The pillows on the couch all match.
  • Your socks don't match each other.
  • His story doesn't match the facts.

Synonyms of
match verb

Detailed synonyms for match verb

Match, rival, equal, approach, touch significan alcanzar o casi alcanzar el nivel de otra cosa.
  • Match indica que una cosa es la pareja o compañera de otra más que el duplicado de ésta, en cuanto a poder, fuerza, belleza o interés <feels that no language can match French for clarity and exactness>.
  • Rival connota una competencia reñida para establecer algo como la superioridad o la excelencia <a traveler who rivaled Marco Polo>.
  • Equal indica una equivalencia tan cercana en cantidad, valor o grado, que no puede caber duda en cuanto a diferencia o deficiencia <his ambition was equaled only by his greed>.
  • Approach indica tal proximidad en corresponder o igualar que la diferencia, aunque detectable, apenas importa <a beauty approaching perfection>.
  • Touch connota una equivalencia muy cercana en calidad o en valor, y suele usarse en construcciones negativas <claimed that no other Chilean white wine could touch it>.

Related phrases for match

Reverse translation for match

igual  - equal, peer 
partido  - (political) party, game, match, support, following, profit, advantage 
combate  (en boxeo) - combat, fight, boxing match 
matrimonio  - marriage, matrimony, married couple 
casamiento  - marriage, wedding 
fósforo  - match, phosphorus 
cerilla  - match, earwax 
cerillo  - match 
concordar  - to agree, to coincide, to reconcile 
coincidir  - to coincide, to agree 
enfrentar  - to confront, to face 
oponer  - to oppose, to place against 
igualar  - to equalize, to tie 
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