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  • Our amazing Android Nglish app:

    Learn English on your own schedule and on the go! Our Android app provides a free Spanish-English dictionary & translation as well as English learning features. This interactive app features a comprehensive Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation for every word or sentence, along with English grammar and common errors quizzes, and English vocabulary learning through quizzes & flashcards. Nglish also enables users to build personal quizzes and flashcards for any dictionary term.
  • Key features:

    Nglish translates single words and whole sentences from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Just type a word, phrase or sentence in Spanish or English to get its English or Spanish translation – no need to choose a language!
    The app offers autocomplete in both languages. When you start typing a word, it will automatically suggest relevant options in English and Spanish. In addition there is an automatic spelling correction for any words you misspelled.
    English language dictionary entries include English synonyms, English example sentences, English related phrases, and audio pronunciations by native speakers.
    You can also use voice search by simply speak the words into your device or you can even translate words from other apps and sites by sharing any word with Nglish app.
    Translate words from any other app or site by tapping the word or phrase and using the Android share function to send it to the Nglish app and get an immediate translation.
    On the Nglish app you can create your own personal vocabulary games and flashcards and practice them whenever you want. Just mark any English word in the dictionary and it will be added to your personal list. Your personal wordlists are synched between the site and app and you can reach them and practice whenever you want.
    Nglish helps you to improve your English skills with quick quizzes in different topics such as grammar and common errors. It also helps you to expand your vocabulary with games and flashcards in different levels and subjects.
    For registered users, all the previous translations and quiz errors are saved automatically to your personal area and you can practice them any time with games and flashcards.
    Your learning progress is fully synchronized between the Nglish app and site.