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Nglish is your gateway to the world of the English language.
Use it as your day-to-day tool for English Spanish translation, when reading English articles, when you need to write emails in English, and save the words you encounter so you can continually expand your vocabulary. Play a set of challenging games tailored for native Spanish speakers and enjoy the process of learning English through playing.

Nglish is a project by Encyclopædia Britannica, the world's most trusted reference source and in conjunction with Merriam-Webster, the leading American English dictionary. The goal of the project is to make English more accessible to non-native speakers across the world by providing a combination of a dictionary, text translation service and English learning tools in a single website and mobile application, in English and Spanish, and with a friendly interface.

Learn English on your own schedule with a comprehensive and accurate dictionary and through challenging games! Nglish Spanish is a free Spanish-English dictionary translation and English language learning website. This interactive site provides a comprehensive Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary, word-by-word translation and full sentence translation. It also provides learning quizzes and flashcards in a variety of topics, such as English grammar, common errors, and vocabulary learning, all suitable for English learners of all levels.

Main Key features:

  • Nglish can translate single words and whole sentences from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Just type a word, phrase or sentence in Spanish or English to get its English or Spanish translation – no need to choose a language!
  • Use Nglish wherever it's convenient for you, either on the website or the Android app. Both have an English or Spanish interface you can choose from.
  • Automatic spelling correction for any Spanish or English word you misspelled.
  • English language dictionary entries include synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, and audio pronunciations by native speakers.
  • Nglish offers autocomplete in both languages. When you start typing a word, it will automatically suggest relevant options in English and Spanish.
  • You can create your own personal vocabulary games and flashcards for further practice. Just mark any English word in the dictionary and it will be added to your personal list.
  • Nglish helps you improve your English skills with quick quizzes in different topics such as grammar and common errors. It also helps you to expand your vocabulary with games and flashcards in different subjects and levels.
  • Your learning progress and personal area are fully synchronized between the Nglish app and site.
  • For registered users, all the previous translations and quiz errors are saved automatically to your personal wordlist and you can practice them at any time on the site and app with games and flashcards.

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