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tocar verbo

to knock, to ring; to touch, to feel, to handle; to touch on, to refer to; to concern, to affect; to play (a musical instrument)

Reverse translation for tocar

to knock  - golpear, golpetear, dar un golpe, llamar (a la puerta), darse, chocar, hacer chocar, criticar 
to ring  - sonar, tocar, hacer sonar (un timbre, una alarma, etc.), cercar, rodear, resonar, parecer 
to touch  - tocar, tentar, tocarse, conmover, afectar 
to feel  - sentirse, encontrarse, tocar, palpar, parecer, sentir, creer, considerar, parecerse, opinar, pensar 
to handle  - responder, conducirse (dícese de un vehículo), tocar, tratar, manejar, despachar, comerciar con, vender 
to touch on  - tocar, mencionar 
to concern  - tratarse de, tener que ver con, concernir, incumbir a, afectar 
to affect  - afectar, tocar, fingir 
to play  (a musical instrument)
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