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2 Translation results for handle in Spanish

noun | verb

handle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
asa, asidero, mango (de un cuchillo, etc.), pomo (de una puerta), tirador (de un cajón)

Example sentences of
handle noun

  • He held the shovel by the handle.
  • The handles on the bag were torn.

handle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
handled, has handled, is handling, handles
responder, conducirse (dícese de un vehículo); tocar; tratar, manejar, despachar; comerciar con, vender

Example sentences of
handle verb

  • Handle the fruit carefully or it will bruise.
  • The baked potatoes were too hot to handle with our bare hands.
  • He knows how to handle a motorcycle.
  • He handles his motorcycle well.
  • She learned how to handle a weapon.
  • She handles all the bookkeeping.
  • The system is handled by the main computer.
  • She's proven that she can handle anything.
  • The airport handles both passenger and cargo flights.
  • She couldn't handle being away from her children for more than a couple of days.

Detailed synonyms for handle verb

1. Handle, manipulate, wield significan manejar o llevar con destreza o eficiencia.
  • Handle indica el dirigir una capacidad adquirida hacia la obtención de un fin inmediato <handled the crisis with cool efficiency>.
  • Manipulate indica el manejar con destreza y suele connotar el uso de maña o fraude para alcanzar uno sus fines <manipulates other people for his own selfish ends>.
  • Wield indica maestría y vigor en el dominio de una herramienta o arma, o en el ejercicio de la influencia, autoridad o poder <the vice president wields tremendous influence>.
2. See: Touch, Treat

Related phrases for handle

  • fly off the handle - (figurado, informal) perder los estribos, sacar de las casillas, perder el control, ponerse como loco, salirse de los cabales

Reverse translation for handle

asa  - handle, grip 
asidero  - grip, handle, grip, hold 
mango  (de un cuchillo, etc.) - hilt, handle, mango 
pomo  (de una puerta) - pommel (on a sword), knob, handle, perfume bottle 
tirador  (de un cajón) - handle, knob, marksman 
responder  - to answer, to answer, to reply, to respond 
conducirse  (dícese de un vehículo) - to behave, to conduct oneself 
tocar  - to knock, to ring, to touch, to feel, to handle, to touch on, to refer to, to concern, to affect, to play (a musical instrument) 
tratar  - to treat, to handle 
manejar  - to drive, to drive (a car), to handle, to operate, to manage, to manipulate (a person) 
despachar  - to complete, to conclude, to deal with, to take care of, to handle, to dispatch, to send off, to finish off, to kill 
vender  - to sell, to sell out, to betray 
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