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perform verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
performed, has performed, is performing, performs
actuar (en una obra teatral), cantar (en una ópera, etc.), tocar (en un concierto, etc.), bailar (en un ballet, etc.); realizar, hacer, desempeñar; representar, dar (una obra teatral, etc.)

Example sentences of
perform verb

  • The doctor had to perform surgery immediately.
  • The magician performed some amazing tricks.
  • The gymnasts performed their routines perfectly.
  • You are required to perform 50 hours of community service.
  • The band will be performing on the main stage.
  • She's a wonderful singer who loves to perform before a live audience.
  • The band will perform songs from their new album.
  • The class performed the play for the school.

Detailed synonyms for perform verb

Perform, execute, discharge, accomplish, achieve, effect, fulfill, complete, implement, attain, realize, carry out significan llevar a cabo o poner en marcha.
  • Perform indica una acción que sigue unas pautas o procedimientos establecidos o que cumple con los requisitos acordados, y suele connotar un talento o una experiencia especial <performed gymnastics on the parallel bars>.
  • Execute recalca el llevar a cabo lo que existe en propósito o intención <executed the maneuver beautifully>.
  • Discharge indica la ejecución y el cumplimiento de deberes o trabajos asignados <discharged his duties promptly>.
  • Accomplish recalca el cumplimiento efectivo de un proceso más que el método mediante el cual se ha llevado a cabo <accomplished in a year what had taken others a lifetime>.
    antonyms: undo
  • Achieve añade a accomplish la indicación de haber superado dificultades <a nation struggling to achieve greatness>.
  • Effect añade a achieve un énfasis en una fuerza inherente en el agente capaz de vencer obstáculos <within six months the new governor had effected sweeping reforms>.
  • Fulfill indica la completa realización de supuestas responsabilidades, planes, metas o posibilidades <by now her children had all fulfilled their ambitions>.
    antonyms: fail in
  • Complete connota llevar algo a su fin o a un estado final <he completed his research>.
  • Implement connota poner algo en efecto o en acción <the government has implemented a series of reform programs>.
  • Attain connota lograr u obtener <attained her goal of participating in the Olympics>.
  • Realize sugiere lograr algo planificado o trabajado <finally realized a lifelong ambition>.
  • Carry out connota trabajar en algo hasta su terminación <we carried out several experiments to test the theory>.

Reverse translation for to perform

actuar  (en una obra teatral) - to act, to perform 
cantar  (en una ópera, etc.) - to sing 
tocar  (en un concierto, etc.) - to knock, to ring, to touch, to feel, to handle, to touch on, to refer to, to concern, to affect, to play (a musical instrument) 
bailar  (en un ballet, etc.) - to dance, to spin, to be loose, to be too big 
realizar  - to carry out, to execute, to produce, to direct (a film or play), to fulfill, to achieve, to realize (a profit) 
hacer  - to act, to make, to do, to perform, to force, to oblige 
desempeñar  - to play (a role), to fulfill, to carry out, to redeem (from a pawnshop) 
representar  - to represent, to act for, to perform, to look, to appear as, to symbolize, to stand for, to signify, to mean 
dar  (una obra teatral, etc.) - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
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