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bow verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bowed, has bowed, is bowing, bows
arquearse, doblarse; hacer una reverencia, inclinarse; inclinar, bajar; ceder, resignarse, someterse; doblar

Synonyms of
bow verb

Reverse translation for to bow

arquearse  - to bend, to bow 
doblarse  - to fold up, to double over, to give in, to yield 
inclinarse  - to lean, to lean over 
inclinar  - to tilt, to lean, to incline 
bajar  - to drop, to fall, to lower, to let down, to take down, to come down, to go down, to reduce (prices), to ebb (of tides), to lower, to bow (the head), to go down, to descend 
ceder  - to cede, to hand over, to yield, to give way, to diminish, to abate, to give in, to relent, to cave in, to back down 
someterse  - to submit, to yield, to undergo 
doblar  - to double, to turn, to toll, to ring, to fold, to bend, to turn, to dub 
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