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ceder verbo

to cede, to hand over; to yield, to give way; to diminish, to abate; to give in, to relent, to cave in, to back down

Reverse translation for ceder

to cede  - ceder, conceder 
to hand over  - entregar, dar, transferir, (figurado) entregar, ceder 
to yield  - ceder, rendirse, entregarse, producir, dar, rendir (en finanzas) 
to diminish  - disminuir, reducir, amainar, menguar, reducirse 
to abate  - amainar, menguar, disminuir 
to give in  - rendirse, entregarse 
to relent  - ablandarse, ceder 
to cave in  - derrumbarse, ceder 
to back down  - ceder, conceder, retirarse 
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