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bajar verbo

to drop, to fall; to lower, to let down, to take down; to come down, to go down; to reduce (prices); to ebb (of tides); to lower, to bow (the head); to go down, to descend

Reverse translation for bajar

to drop  - dejar caer, soltar, gotear, mandar, caer(se), bajar, descender, abandonar, dejar, omitir 
to fall  - caer, caerse, caer (dícese de la lluvia o de la noche), bajar (dícese de los precios), descender (dícese de la temperatura), caer (a un enemigo), rendirse 
to lower  - bajar, arriar, reducir 
to let down  - fallar 
to take down  - quitar, desmontar 
to go down  - bajar, descender 
to reduce  (prices)
to ebb  (of tides)
to bow  (the head)
to descend  - descender, bajar, provenir, rebajarse 
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