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nab verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
nabbed, has nabbed, is nabbing, nabs
(argot) prender, pillar, pescar; (argot) robar, levantar, mangar

Example sentences of
nab verb

  • We nabbed seats in the front row of the theater.
  • the officer nabbed the purse snatcher before he could escape

Reverse translation for nabs

prender  (argot)
pillar  - to catch, to grasp, to catch on 
pescar  - to fish, to go fishing, to fish for, to catch, to get a hold of, to land 
robar  (argot)
levantar  - to lift, to raise, to put up, to erect, to call off, to adjourn, to give rise to, to arouse 
mangar  - (figurative, informal) to pinch, to swipe, to nick, to steal 
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