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1 Translation result for levantar in English


levantar verbo

to lift, to raise; to put up, to erect; to call off, to adjourn; to give rise to, to arouse

Reverse translation for levantar

to lift  - levantar, alzar, subir, levantarse, alzarse, despejar 
to raise  - levantar, subir, alzar, erigir, recaudar, criar, cultivar, aumentar, ascender, provocar, sacar (temas, objeciones, etc.) 
to put up  - alojar, contribuir, pagar 
to erect  - erigir, construir, levantar, establecer 
to call off  - cancelar, suspender 
to adjourn  - aplazarse, levantar, suspender 
to arouse  - despertar, suscitar, excitar 
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