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1 Translation result for pescar in English


pescar verbo

to fish, to go fishing; to fish for; to catch; to get a hold of, to land

Reverse translation for pescar

to fish  - pescar 
to fish for  - buscar, rebuscar 
to catch  - agarrar, capturar, atrapar, coger, pillar, engancharse, prender, captar, enganchar, enredar, tomar (un tren, etc.) 
to get a hold of  - conseguir, localizar 
to land  - desembarcar (pasajeros de un barco), hacer aterrizar (un avión), aterrizar, tomar tierra, atracar, pescar, sacar (un pez) del agua, posarse, conseguir, ganar, dar, asestar 
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