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carry verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
carried, has carried, is carrying, carries
oírse, proyectarse; llevar, cargar, transportar (cargamento), conducir (electricidad), portar (un virus); soportar, aguantar, resistir (peso); vender, tener en abasto; implicar, acarrear; ganar (una elección o competición), aprobar (una moción)

Example sentences of
carry verb

  • I'll carry your luggage to your room.
  • He was carrying his baby daughter in his arms.
  • For two months, I carried the book around with me everywhere I went.
  • The waitress carried away our empty dinner plates.
  • The wind carried the smoke away from the campsite.
  • These planes can carry up to 300 passengers.
  • a ship carrying thousands of gallons of oil
  • Oil is carried to the factory through these pipes.
  • We installed gutters that will carry water away from the house.
  • blood vessels that carry blood to the heart

Synonyms of
carry verb

Detailed synonyms for carry verb

Carry, bear, convey, transport, lug, tote significan mover algo de un lugar a otro.
  • Carry tiende a recalcar el medio por el cual algo se mueve o la acción de apoyar por encima del suelo durante el movimiento <carried the basket on her head>.
  • Bear recalca el esfuerzo de sostener o la importancia de lo que se carga <bear the banner aloft>.
  • Convey connota el movimiento continuo de algo en masa <the pipeline conveys oil for more than a thousand miles>.
  • Transport indica el movimiento ordenado de algo, a menudo a través de grandes distancias, a su destino <trucks transporting fruits and vegetables to market>.
  • Lug aplica a una persona que carga algo con esfuerzo <had to lug her suitcases out to the car by herself>.
  • Tote indica el cargar algo con la mano sin dificultad alguna <he's been toting that bag around all day>.

carry noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
carry noun

  • He averaged four yards per carry this season.

Phrasal verbs for carry

Related phrases for carry

Reverse translation for carry

llevar  - to have, to lead, to take away, to carry, to wear, to take, to lead 
cargar  - to carry, to load, to load, to fill, to rest (in architecture), to charge 
transportar  (cargamento) - to transport, to carry, to transmit, to transpose (music) 
conducir  (electricidad) - to drive a vehicle, to direct, to lead, to drive (a vehicle) 
portar  (un virus) - to carry, to bear, to wear 
soportar  - to support, to hold up, to withstand, to resist, to bear, to tolerate, to put up with 
aguantar  - to hold out, to last, to bear with, to tolerate, to withstand, to hold 
resistir  (peso) - to resist, to stand, to bear, to tolerate, to withstand 
vender  - to sell, to sell out, to betray 
implicar  - to involve, to implicate, to imply 
acarrear  - to haul, to carry, to bring, to give rise to 
ganar  (una elección o competición) - to win, to win, to gain, to profit, to earn, to acquire, to obtain 
aprobar  (una moción) - to pass (in school), to approve of, to pass (a law, an exam), to okay 
alcance  - reach, range, scope 
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