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noun | verb

transport noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
transporte, transportación; éxtasis

Example sentences of
transport noun

  • The transport of manufactured goods is made by trucks.
  • I was left without transport when the car broke down.
  • She relies on public transport.

Synonyms of
transport noun

transport verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
transported, has transported, is transporting, transports
transportar, acarrear; extasiar

Example sentences of
transport verb

  • A van at the hotel transports guests to and from the airport.
  • They discussed the cost of producing and transporting goods.
  • The melons are transported in large wooden crates.
  • The illness was first transported across the ocean by European explorers.
  • The movie transports us to a world of stunning beauty.
  • While reading, I was transported back to the year 1492.
  • He was transported for stealing.

Synonyms of
transport verb

Detailed synonyms for transport verb

1. Transport, ravish, enrapture, entrance significan llevar por una emoción fuerte y normalmente agradable.
  • Transport indica el hecho de ser profundamente afectado por una emoción, como el gozo o la ira, que excede los límites normales y agita o excita <children transported with delight at the thought of Christmas>.
  • Ravish puede indicar el ser capturado por la emoción, tal como el gozo o el deleite <ravished by the tropical sunset>.
  • Enrapture indica el poner en un estado de éxtasis, y normalmente connota un intenso deleite en una de las artes <young girls enraptured with the ballet>.
  • Entrance suele connotar el estar preso de algo como un trance efectuado por algo que provoca una emoción abrumadora <everyone was entranced by her grace, charm, and beauty>.
2. See: Carry

Related phrases for transport

Reverse translation for transport

transporte  - transport, transportation 
transportación  - transportation 
éxtasis  - ecstasy, rapture 
transportar  - to transport, to carry, to transmit, to transpose (music) 
acarrear  - to haul, to carry, to bring, to give rise to 
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