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1 Translation result for soportar in English


soportar verbo

to support, to hold up; to withstand, to resist; to bear, to tolerate, to put up with

Reverse translation for soportar

to support  - apoyar, respaldar, mantener, sostener, sustentar, apuntalar, soportar 
to hold up  - robarle (a alguien), atracar, asaltar, retrasar 
to withstand  - aguantar, soportar, resistir, resistirse a 
to resist  - resistir, oponerse a 
to bear  - soportar, resistir, aguantar, llevar, portar, dar a luz a (un niño), dar (frutas, cosechas), doblar, dar la vuelta 
to tolerate  - tolerar, aceptar, aguantar, soportar 
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