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alive adjective

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vivo, viviente; animado, activo; vigente, en uso; consciente

Example sentences of
alive adjective

  • It feels great to be alive.
  • The patient was barely alive.
  • The sheriff was ordered to find the killer and bring him back alive.
  • He managed to stay alive for a week without any food.
  • The patient is being kept alive by artificial means.
  • an old tradition that is still alive
  • We need to keep hope alive.
  • The team needs to win tonight in order to stay alive in the play-offs.
  • I love to sail because it makes me feel so alive.

Synonyms of
alive adjective

¿Sabías esto?
  • Alive es uno de varios adjetivos excepcionales en inglés que siempre se usa solo y sin conectarse con otros sustantivos, como se hace comúnmente. Es correcto decir: The king is still alive and well, pero no se puede decir: The alive kingstill rules. En su lugar puedes decir: The living king still rules.
    Otros verbos que se comportan de esta forma como alive son afraid, asleep, ashamed y alone.

Detailed synonyms for alive adjective

See: Living

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Reverse translation for alive

vivo  - alive, vivid, bright, intense, lively, vivacious, sharp, clever 
viviente  - living 
animado  - animated, lively, cheerful 
activo  - active 
vigente  - valid, in force 
consciente  - conscious, aware 
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