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2 Translation results for animado in English

adjetivo | verbo

animado adjetivo

animated, lively; cheerful

animar verbo

to encourage, to inspire; to animate, to enliven; to brighten up, to cheer up

Reverse translation for animado

animated  - animado, vivo, vivaz 
lively  - animado, vivaz, vivo, enérgico 
cheerful  - alegre, de buen humor 
to encourage  - animar, alentar, fomentar, promover 
to inspire  - inhalar, aspirar, inspirar, estimular, animar, infundir 
to animate  - animar 
to enliven  - animar, alegrar, darle vida a 
to brighten up  - animarse, alegrarse, mejorar 
to cheer up  - alegrarse, ponerse contento 
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