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living noun

unfavorite favorite
vida; trabajo

Example sentences of
living noun

  • the challenges of city living
  • It's summertime, and the living is easy.
  • the living and the dead
  • The world belongs to the living.
¿Cuál es la respuesta a la pregunta "What you do for a living?"
  • Cuando alguien te pregunta what you do for a living?, el o ella se refiere a que profesión o trabajo primario tienes. Por ejemplo: Can you tell me what you do for a living? - I am a software engineer.
    To make a living significa ganar suficiente dinero para pagar por tu estilo de vida. Por ejemplo: Gardening is a hard work, but it's a good way to make a living."

living adjective

unfavorite favorite

Example sentences of
living adjective

  • I was taught to respect all living things.
  • His aunt is his closest living relative.
  • He's one of our greatest living authors.
  • It was the first time I had ever seen a living, breathing bear in the wild.

Synonyms of
living adjective

Detailed synonyms for living adjective

Living, alive, vital significan que posee o muestra vida.
  • Living se aplica a cuerpos orgánicos que tienen vida, en contraste con aquéllos que la han perdido <artists both living and dead>.
    antonyms: lifeless
  • Alive es similar a living, pero viene después de la palabra que modifica <the bird was still alive>.
    antonyms: dead, defunct
  • Vital indica la energía y especialmente el poder de crecer y reproducirse que son característicos de todo ser viviente <his vital functions, including his pulse and breathing, seemed normal>.

live verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
lived, has lived, is living, lives
vivir; llevar una vida; mantenerse; residir

Example sentences of
live verb

  • We learned about the people who lived during colonial times.
  • I wonder what it was like to live then.
  • She's one of the greatest writers who ever lived.
  • It was one of the largest animals that has ever lived.
  • He lived to the age of 92.
  • He's very sick and he may not live much longer.
  • I hope I live to see the day when you admit you've been wrong about me!
  • I'll remember that day for as long as I live.
  • He lives next door to his parents.
  • We lived in the city.

Synonyms of
live verb

Detailed synonyms for live verb

See: Reside

living sustantivo

living room

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Reverse translation for living

vida  - life, life span, lifetime, biography, life, way of life, lifestyle, livelihood, liveliness 
trabajo  - work, job, labor, work, task, effort 
vivo  - alive, vivid, bright, intense, lively, vivacious, sharp, clever 
vivir  - to live, to live, to be alive, to go through, to experience, to subsist, to make a living, to reside, to spend one's life 
mantenerse  - to support oneself, to subsist 
residir  - to reside, to dwell 
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