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trace noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
huella, rastro, indicio, vestigio; pizca, ápice, dejo

Example sentences of
trace noun

  • The thieves left no trace of evidence behind.
  • The scientists found traces of human activity in the area.
  • She spoke without a trace of irony.

Synonyms of
trace noun

trace verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
traced, has traced, is tracing, traces
calcar (un dibujo, etc.); delinear, trazar (planes, etc.); describir (un curso, una historia); localizar, ubicar

Example sentences of
trace verb

  • The children traced their hands onto the sidewalk with chalk.
  • You can put a piece of paper over the pattern and trace it.
  • She traced the letters of her name.
  • We will need to trace the electrical wires through the walls.
  • The word “amiable” traces back to the Latin word for “friend.”
  • The word "amiable" traces back to the Latin word for "friend."

Synonyms of
trace verb

Detailed synonyms for trace verb

Trace, track, trail significan una seña perceptible hecha por algo que ha pasado o desaparecido.
  • Trace puede connotar cualquier línea, marca o efecto discernible que se deja atrás <the species had vanished without a trace>.
  • Track indica una línea continua de marcas, huellas u olor que se puede seguir <the tracks of a large bear>.
  • Trail puede significar la fragancia o el rastro de alguien o algo que ha pasado <the police were on his trail> o un camino establecido <followed the trail over the mountain>.

trazar verbo

to trace; to draw up, to devise; to outline, to sketch

Reverse translation for trace

huella  - footprint, mark, impact 
rastro  - trail, track, trace, sign 
indicio  - indication, sign 
vestigio  - vestige, sign, trace 
pizca  - pinch, speck, trace, harvest 
ápice  - apex, summit, bit, smidgen 
dejo  - aftertaste, touch, hint, (regional) accent 
calcar  (un dibujo, etc.) - to trace, to copy, to imitate 
delinear  - to delineate, to outline, to draft, to draw up 
trazar  (planes, etc.) - to trace, to draw up, to devise, to outline, to sketch 
describir  (un curso, una historia) - to describe 
localizar  - to locate, to find, to localize 
ubicar  - to place, to put, to position, to locate, to find 
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