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2 Translation results for stomach in Spanish

noun | verb

stomach noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
estómago; vientre, barriga, panza; ganas

Example sentences of
stomach noun

  • She has problems with her stomach.
  • I've had enough to eat. My stomach is full.
  • He was lying on his stomach.

Synonyms of
stomach noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • Si tienes un strong stomach, significa que no te molestan muchas cosas que la gente considera desagradables, espantosas, u ofensivas. Si tienes un weak stomach, significa que te molestas con facilidad por cosas desagradables, espantosas, u ofensivas.

stomach verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stomached, has stomached, is stomaching, stomachs
aguantar, soportar

Example sentences of
stomach verb

  • I could barely stomach the smell.
  • I can't stomach raw onions.

Detailed synonyms for stomach verb

See: Bear

Related phrases for stomach

Reverse translation for stomach

estómago  - stomach 
vientre  - abdomen, belly, womb, bowels 
barriga  - belly, paunch 
panza  - belly, paunch 
ganas  - desire, inclination 
aguantar  - to hold out, to last, to bear with, to tolerate, to withstand, to hold 
soportar  - to support, to hold up, to withstand, to resist, to bear, to tolerate, to put up with 
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