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2 Translation results for ganas in English

verbo | sustantivo

ganar verbo

to win; to win; to gain; to profit; to earn; to acquire, to obtain

gana sustantivo

desire, inclination

Reverse translation for ganas

to win  - ganar, conseguir 
to gain  - beneficiarse, ganar, obtener, adquirir, conseguir, alcanzar, llegar a, aumentar, adelantarse 
to profit  - sacar provecho (de), beneficiarse (de) 
to earn  - ganar, ganarse, merecer 
to acquire  - adquirir, obtener 
to obtain  - imperar, prevalecer, obtener, conseguir 
desire  - deseo, anhelo, ansia 
inclination  - inclinación, tendencia, deseo, ganas 
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