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2 Translation results for lure in Spanish

noun | verb

lure noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
atractivo; señuelo, aliciente; cebo artificial (en la pesca)

Example sentences of
lure noun

  • the promise of easy money is always the lure for some people to take up a life of crime
  • the fish simply didn't seem to like the lure I was using, so I didn't catch a thing

Synonyms of
lure noun

lure verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
lured, has lured, is luring, lures

Example sentences of
lure verb

  • They lured the bear out of its den.
  • The suburbs are luring middle-class families away from the city.
  • The police lured him back to the scene of the crime.
  • Explorers were lured to the area by tales of a city of gold.
  • An attractive window display can help to lure shoppers into the store.

Synonyms of
lure verb

Detailed synonyms for lure verb

Lure, entice, inveigle, tempt, seduce, lead on significan apartar a alguien de una línea de conducta o una situación normal, deseable o propia y atraerlo hacia una que es considerada como rara, no deseada, o incorrecta.
  • Lure indica el atraer hacia el peligro, el mal o la dificultad mediante el encanto y el engaño <trying to lure young people into the army>.
    antonyms: revolt, repel
  • Entice connota el atraer con métodos ingeniosos o diestros <advertising to entice new customers>.
    antonyms: scare /ant>
  • Inveigle indica el atraer mediante el engatusamiento o el halago <she had somehow inveigled him into proposing marriage>.
  • Tempt indica el ejercer una atracción que es tan fuerte que vence las restricciones de la consciencia o del buen juicio <he tempted her to stay for dinner>.
  • Seduce indica llevar a alguien por mal camino mediante la persuasión o falsas promesas <let himself be seduced by vague promises>.
  • Lead on connota causar que alguien continúe creyendo o haciendo algo <he suspected that she was only leading him on>.

Reverse translation for lure

atractivo  - attraction, appeal, charm 
señuelo  - decoy, bait 
aliciente  - incentive, attraction 
cebo artificial  (en la pesca)
atraer  - to attract 
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