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attraction noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
atracción, atractivo

Example sentences of
attraction noun

  • The waterfall continues to be the main attraction at the park.
  • The town's big attraction for movie lovers is the annual film festival.
  • She is the star attraction of the show.
  • There's a strong sexual attraction between them.
  • His attraction to her grew over the course of their time together.
  • A good relationship is based on more than just physical attraction.
  • I understand the attraction of skydiving, but I could never do it.
  • What are the attractions of owning your own business?

Synonyms of
attraction noun

Detailed synonyms for attraction noun

Attraction, affinity, sympathy, chemistry significan la relación existente entre cosas o personas que, de manera natural o involuntaria, son llevadas la una hacia la otra.
  • Attraction indica el poseer una cualidad que tiende a impeler a otros hacia uno <the odd attraction between people of opposite types>.
  • Affinity indica una susceptibilidad o predisposición por parte del atraído <had an affinity for mathematics>.
  • Sympathy indica una relación recíproca entre dos cosas que son susceptibles a la misma influencia <mutual sympathy>.
    antonyms: antipathy
  • Chemistry indica una fuerte atracción, afecto o simpatía mutua <we soon noticed the special chemistry between them>.

Reverse translation for attraction

atracción  - attraction, (slang) the hots 
atractivo  - attraction, appeal, charm 
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