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fasten verb

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fastened, has fastened, is fastening, fastens
abrocharse, cerrar; sujetar, atar; fijar; abrochar (ropa o cinturones), atar (cordones), cerrar (una maleta)
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A driver fastens his seat belt before driving off.

Example sentences of
fasten verb

  • She uses clothes pins to fasten laundry on the clothesline.
  • He fastened the dog's leash to a post and went into the store.
  • They used two boards fastened together by nails.
  • We bought a decorative clasp that could be used to fasten a cape or cloak.
  • a shoe that fastens with a buckle
  • This dress fastens in the back.
  • She twisted her hair into a bun and fastened it with bobby pins.
  • Make sure the lid is tightly fastened.
  • The lock was so damaged it wouldn't fasten.
  • He fastened his hands on my arm and wouldn't let go.

Synonyms of
fasten verb

Detailed synonyms for fasten verb

Fasten, fix, attach, affix, secure, moor significan hacer que algo permanezca firmemente en su lugar.
  • Fasten indica una acción tal como atar, abotonar, clavar, trabar o asegurar de alguna forma <fastened the door shut>.
    antonyms: unfasten, loosen, loose
  • Fix suele indicar el clavar, implantar o incrustar una cosa con el fin de asegurarla <fixed the stake in the ground>.
  • Attach connota el conectar o unir con un vínculo, un enlace o algo parecido con el fin de mantener las cosas juntas <attaching a wire to the pole>.
    antonyms: detach
  • Affix indica el imponer de una cosa sobre otra mediante una acción como el pegar, apretar o clavar <affixed a label on the package>.
    antonyms: detach
  • Secure connota colocar o sujetar algo de manera que no se mueva <secure your luggage under the seat>.
  • Moor generalmente indica atar un bote o una nave en su lugar <the sailboat was moored at the dock>.

Reverse translation for fasten

abrocharse  - to fasten, to hook up 
cerrar  - to close, to shut, to close up, to lock up, to turn off, to close down, to bring to an end 
sujetar  - to hold on to, to steady, to hold down, to fasten, to attach, to subdue, to conquer 
atar  - to tie, to tie up, to tie down 
fijar  - to fasten, to affix, to establish, to set up, to set, to fix 
abrochar  (ropa o cinturones) - to button, to fasten 
atar  (cordones) - to tie, to tie up, to tie down 
cerrar  (una maleta) - to close, to shut, to close up, to lock up, to turn off, to close down, to bring to an end 
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