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cause verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
caused, has caused, is causing, causes
causar, provocar, ocasionar

Example sentences of
cause verb

  • The flood caused great hardship.
  • He swerved and caused an accident.
  • The illness is caused by a virus.
  • The flood caused the town great hardship.
  • You caused us a lot of extra work.

Synonyms of
cause verb

Detailed synonyms for cause verb

Cause, reason, source significan algo que produce un efecto o resultado.
  • Cause se aplica a cualquier evento, circunstancia o condición que produce o ayuda a producir un resultado <an icy road was the cause of the accident>.
  • Reason se aplica a una causa, localizable o explicable, de un efecto conocido <the reason I was late was that my car wouldn't start>.
  • Source connota una fuente o fuerza que da comienzo a algo <a major source of strength>.

cause noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
causa, origen; razón, motivo; litigio, pleito; movimiento

Example sentences of
cause noun

  • His symptoms had no apparent physical causes.
  • She is the cause of all their problems.
  • The medicine was prescribed without good cause.
  • Their marriage was a cause for celebration.
  • I can support a cause that means something to me.
  • I'm willing to donate money as long as it's for a good cause.

Synonyms of
cause noun

cause conjunction

unfavorite favorite
(informal) porque (abreviación de "because")
¿Sabías esto?
  • En dialogo coloquial, cause se usa a menudo como abreviación de because. Esta forma no se usa en lenguaje escrito excepto cuando se escriben diálogos o mensajes de medios sociales. En esos casos generalmente se escribe 'cause, con un apostrofe, para indicar que es una abreviación. También se deletrea coz o 'coz, cuz o 'cuz y en otras formas que suenan como la pronunciación de la palabra. Por ejemplo: - I didn't see you at my birthday party yesterday. - Yeah, sorry, I couldn't come 'cause I had a doctor's appointment.

causar verbo

to cause; to provoke, to arouse

Reverse translation for cause

causar  - to cause, to provoke, to arouse 
provocar  - to provoke, to cause, to provoke, to pique 
ocasionar  - to cause, to occasion 
causa  - cause, reason, motive, cause, lawsuit 
origen  - origin, lineage, birth 
razón  - reason, motive, rightness, justice, reasoning, sense, ratio, proportion 
motivo  - motive, cause, reason, theme, motif 
litigio  - litigation, lawsuit 
pleito  - lawsuit, fight, argument, dispute 
movimiento  - movement, motion 
 (informal) porque (abreviación de "because")
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