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noun | verb

reason noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
razón, motivo

Example sentences of
reason noun

  • I gave a reason for my absence.
  • Is there a reason for your strange behavior?
  • There is a reason why they don't want to come.
  • I can't give you the report for the simple reason that it isn't yet finished.
  • She explained her reasons for deciding to change jobs.
  • He wanted to know the reason for their decision.
  • Give me one good reason why I should believe you.
  • For obvious reasons, we can't do that yet.
  • For reasons of space, some of the charts and graphs have been omitted from the article.
  • She resigned for personal reasons.

Detailed synonyms for reason noun

Reason, understanding, intuition, intelligence significan el poder del intelecto mediante el cual los seres humanos alcanzan la verdad o el saber.
  • Reason se refiere a la facultad para el orden, el sentido, la racionalidad en el pensamiento, la deducción, y la conclusión sobre las percepciones <he said her choice was based on faith rather than reason>.
  • Understanding puede ampliar el ámbito de reason para incluir la mayoría de los procesos del pensamiento que llevan a la comprensión, así como el estado resultante de conocimiento <research that led to a new understanding of the disease>.
  • Intuition recalca rapidez en el conocimiento o la comprensión, sin evidencia de un razonamiento, pensamiento o cogitación ordenada <always relies on her intuition to judge people's characters>.
  • Intelligence, un término amplio, sugiere la habilidad para aprender, entender y resolver problemas <impressed everyone with her superior intelligence>.

reason verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
reasoned, has reasoned, is reasoning, reasons
pensar; razonar

Example sentences of
reason verb

  • He lost the ability to reason.
  • He reasoned that both statements couldn't be true.
  • She reasoned that something must be wrong.

Detailed synonyms for reason verb

See: Cause, Infer, Think

Related phrases for reason

Reverse translation for reason

razón  - reason, motive, rightness, justice, reasoning, sense, ratio, proportion 
motivo  - motive, cause, reason, theme, motif 
pensar  - to think, to think, to think about, to intend, to plan on 
razonar  - to reason, to think 
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