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verb | noun

recall verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
recalled, has recalled, is recalling, recalls
llamar, retirar; recordar, acordarse de; revocar

Example sentences of
recall verb

  • She wanted to send him a letter but couldn't recall his address.
  • I don't recall what time they said they would be here.
  • It is important to recall that not very long ago cell phones did not exist.
  • From what I recall, I think the library is two blocks down on the left.
  • “The first time we met,” he recalled, “we got into a big argument.”
  • As you may recall, we had agreed that decisions would require prior approval.
  • “What's his address?” “I don't recall.”
  • The ambassador was recalled from abroad.
  • The factory is recalling all the cars because of a problem with the brakes.
  • Officials recalled two tons of contaminated meat today.

Synonyms of
recall verb

Detailed synonyms for recall verb

See: Remember

recall noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
retirada (de personas o mercancías); memoria

Example sentences of
recall noun

  • They issued a recall of workers after the layoff.
  • The factory has issued a recall of all cars with the defective brakes.
  • She did mental exercises meant to improve her recall.

Synonyms of
recall noun

Reverse translation for recall

llamar  - to name, to call, to call, to summon, to phone, to call up 
retirar  - to remove, to take away, to recall, to withdraw, to take out 
recordar  - to recall, to remember, to remember, to remind, to wake up 
revocar  - to revoke, to repeal, to plaster (a wall) 
retirada  (de personas o mercancías) - retreat, withdrawal (of funds), retirement, refuge, haven 
memoria  - memory, remembrance, memory, report 
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