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memory noun

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memoria; recuerdo; conmemoración

Example sentences of
memory noun

  • He began to lose his memory as he grew older.
  • Dad has a selective memory: he remembers the times he was right and forgets the times he was wrong.
  • We have pleasant memories of the trip.
  • It is painful trying to repress bitter memories.
  • His name evokes memories of a happier time.
  • That time is just a dim memory to me now.
  • The happiness of those times is still vivid in my memory.
  • Her name has faded from memory.
  • I seem to have very little memory of that time in my life.
  • The sudden shock jogged his memory and everything came flooding back into his mind.

Detailed synonyms for memory noun

Memory, remembrance, recollection, reminiscence, flashback significan la capacidad para recordar, el acto de recordar o la cosa que se recuerda.
  • Memory se aplica tanto a la capacidad de recordar lo que se ha vivido o sabido como a lo que se recuerda <she had no memory of that incident>.
  • Remembrance se aplica al acto de recordar o al hecho de ser recordado <a ceremony of remembrance for those who died in the war>.
    antonyms: forgetfulness
  • Recollection connota el acto de recordar conscientemente, a menudo con cierto esfuerzo, o bien lo que se recuerda <his recollection was very different from hers>.
  • Reminiscence connota el acto de recordar incidentes, experiencias o sentimientos asociados con un pasado remoto, o bien las cosas que se recuerdan de esta manera <my grandmother's reminiscenses of her youth>.
  • Flashback connota una memoria repentina y vívida de un evento pasado <he's been having flashbacks from the war>.

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Reverse translation for memory

memoria  - memory, remembrance, memory, report 
recuerdo  - memory, souvenir, memento 
conmemoración  - conmemoration 
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