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3 Translation results for retirada in English

sustantivo | verbo | adjetivo

retirada sustantivo

retreat; withdrawal (of funds); retirement; refuge, haven

retirar verbo

to remove, to take away, to recall; to withdraw, to take out

retirado adjetivo

remote, distant, far off; secluded, quiet

Reverse translation for retirada

retreat  - retirada, repliegue, retiro, refugio 
withdrawal  (of funds) - retirada, retiro (de fondos, etc.), retraimiento (social), retractación 
retirement  - jubilación 
refuge  - refugio 
haven  - refugio 
to remove  - quitar, quitarse, sacar, extraer, eliminar, disipar 
to take away  - quitar, confiscar, sacar, (matemática) llevarse, restarle 
to recall  - llamar, retirar, recordar, acordarse de, revocar 
to withdraw  - retirar, apartar, sacar (dinero), retirarse, recluirse (de la sociedad), retractarse de 
to take out  - sacar, llevar 
remote  - lejano, remoto, recóndito, a distancia, distante 
distant  - distante, lejano, remoto, frío 
far off  - remoto, distante, lejano 
secluded  - apartado, solitario 
quiet  - tranquilo, calmoso, sosegado, suave, silencioso, discreto, aislado 
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