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plunge verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
plunged, has plunged, is plunging, plunges
zambullirse (en el agua); sumergir; hundir, clavar; meterse precipitadamente o violentamente; descender en picada
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Example sentences of
plunge verb

  • Her car plunged off a bridge.
  • The stock market plunged yesterday.
  • The President's approval rating has plunged to 20 percent.
  • The moose population has plunged in recent years.
  • The rocky cliffs plunge into the swirling rapids below.
  • The road plunges down the mountain.

Synonyms of
plunge verb

Detailed synonyms for plunge verb

Plunge, dive, pitch significan tirarse uno mismo o tirar una cosa en agua profunda, en un movimiento hacia adelante y hacia abajo, o bien una acción similar.
  • Plunge recalca la fuerza del movimiento, y puede indicar que se ha entrado dentro de alguna sustancia penetrable, o dentro de un estado o condición en el cual se encuentra uno completamente envuelto o sumergido <he plunged eagerly into the crowd>.
  • Dive connota intención, y puede indicar más deliberación y pericia que plunge <loved to dive from high cliffs>.
  • Pitch suele recalcar la carencia de intención o deliberación <her heel suddenly caught in a crack and she pitched to the ground>, o puede indicar el movimiento alternado hacia adelante y hacia atrás de un barco <the vessel's bow pitched violently up and down in the waves>.

plunge noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
zambullida; descenso abrupto

Example sentences of
plunge noun

  • Amazingly, the cat survived its plunge from the building's roof.
  • Market analysts predicted a price plunge.
  • The store experienced a sharp plunge in sales.

Synonyms of
plunge noun

Reverse translation for plunge

zambullirse  (en el agua) - to dive, to plunge 
sumergir  - to submerge, to immerse, to plunge 
hundir  - to sink, to destroy, to ruin 
clavar  - to nail, to hammer, to plunge, to stick, to fix (one's eyes) on 
zambullida  - dive, plunge 
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