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2 Translation results for pitch in Spanish

noun | verb

pitch noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cabezada, cabeceo (de un barco o un avión); (grado de) inclinación, pendiente; tono (en musica); lanzamiento; grado, nivel, punto; pez, brea

Example sentences of
pitch noun

  • Her voice has a high pitch.
  • The salesman started making his pitch as soon as he saw us looking at the car.

Synonyms of
pitch noun

pitch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
pitched, has pitched, is pitching, pitches
montar, armar (una tienda); cabecear (dícese de un barco o un avión), dar bandazos; lanzar, arrojar; dar el tono de (un discurso, un instrumento musical)

Example sentences of
pitch verb

  • They pitched their tent in a beautiful campground.

Detailed synonyms for pitch verb

See: Plunge, Throw

Phrasal verbs for pitch

Related phrases for pitch

Reverse translation for pitch

cabezada  - butt, blow with the head, nod 
cabeceo  (de un barco o un avión)
inclinación  (grado de)
pendiente  - slope, incline, earring 
tono  (en musica) - tone, shade (of colors), key (in music) 
lanzamiento  - throw, pitch (in baseball), launching, launch 
grado  - degree (in meteorology and mathematics), extent, level, degree, rank, year, class (in education) 
nivel  - level, height, level, standard 
punto  - dot, point, period (in punctuation), item, question, spot, place, moment, stage, degree, point (in a score), stitch 
pez  - pitch, tar, fish 
brea  - tar, pitch 
montar  - to mount, to set up, to establish, to assemble, to put together, to edit (a film), to stage, to put on (a show), to cock (a gun) 
armar  (una tienda) - to assemble, to put together, to create, to cause, to arm 
cabecear  (dícese de un barco o un avión) - to head (in soccer), to nod one's head, to lurch, to pitch 
lanzar  - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
arrojar  - to hurl, to cast, to throw, to give off, to spew out, to yield, to produce, to vomit 
dar el tono de  (un discurso, un instrumento musical)
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