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2 Translation results for dive in Spanish

noun | verb

dive noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
zambullida, clavado (en el agua); descenso en picada; antro

Example sentences of
dive noun

  • She practiced her dives for the competition.
  • This will be my first dive on a coral reef.
  • She has done dives all around the world.
  • The crew of the submarine prepared for a dive.
  • The jet rolled into a dive.

Synonyms of
dive noun

dive verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dived, has dived, is diving, dives
tirarse al agua, zambullirse, dar un clavado; sumergirse; bajar en picada (dícese de un avión), caer en picada

Example sentences of
dive verb

  • She dove into the swimming pool.
  • The children like to dive off the boat.
  • The competitors will be diving from the highest platform.
  • Many people enjoy diving on the island's coral reefs.
  • You can't dive in this water without a wet suit.
  • The submarine can dive to 3,000 feet.
  • The whale dove down to deeper water.

Synonyms of
dive verb

Detailed synonyms for dive verb

See: Plunge

Related phrases for dive

  • back dive - salto/clavado (hacia) atrás, salto/clavado de espalda
  • nose-dive - descender en picada, caer en picada

Reverse translation for dive

zambullida  - dive, plunge 
clavado  (en el agua) - dive 
antro  - cave, den, dive, seedy nightclub 
zambullirse  - to dive, to plunge 
sumergirse  - to submerge, to sink, (figurative) to immerse yourself, to bury yourself 
bajar en picada  (dícese de un avión)
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