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bright adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
brillante (dícese del sol, de los ojos), vivo (dícese de un color), claro, fuerte; alegre, animado; listo, inteligente

Example sentences of
bright adjective

  • The lighting was too bright.
  • She has a bright room with lots of windows.
  • It was a bright, sunny day.
  • The room was decorated in bright colors.

Detailed synonyms for bright adjective

1. Bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous, lustrous, sunny, gleaming significan reluciente o resplandeciente.
  • Bright indica el emitir o reflejar un alto grado de luz <one of the brightest stars in the sky>.
    antonyms: dull, dim
  • Brilliant indica una brillantez intensa, a menudo centelleante <the stage was suddenly flooded with brilliant light>.
    antonyms: subdued
  • Radiant recalca la emisión, real o aparente, de rayos o de luz <a smile as radiant as the sun>.
  • Luminous indica la emisión de una luz constante y resplandeciente por reflexión, o en un entorno oscuro <luminous paintings that seemed to be lit from behind>.
  • Lustrous recalca una luz rica, uniforme, proveniente de una superficie que refleja vivamente pero sin chispear o centellear <the lustrous sheen of satin>.
  • Sunny significa iluminado por el sol <a sunny apartment>.
  • Gleaming connota el ser brillante con una luz sojuzgada y constante, a 1menudo reflejada <the piano's gleaming surface>.
2. See: Intelligent

bright adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
claramente, luminosamente

bright noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
brillo, esplendor
  • También significa "listo", entre otros.

Reverse translation for bright

brillante  (dícese del sol, de los ojos) - brilliant, bright 
vivo  (dícese de un color) - alive, vivid, bright, intense, lively, vivacious, sharp, clever 
claro  - bright, clear, pale, fair, light, clear, evident 
fuerte  - strong, intense, loud, extreme, excessive 
alegre  - glad, cheerful, colorful, bright, tipsy 
animado  - animated, lively, cheerful 
listo  - ready, clever, smart 
inteligente  - intelligent 
claramente  - clearly 
luminosamente  - brightly, luminously 
brillo  - luster, shine, brilliance 
esplendor  - splendor 
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