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adjective | verb

dull adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
torpe, lerdo, lento; desafilado, despuntado; sin brillo, deslustrado; aburrido, soso, pesado

Example sentences of
dull adjective

  • He was distracted by the dull roar of the crowd.
  • The dull knife just bounced off the skin of the tomato without cutting it.

Detailed synonyms for dull adjective

1. Dull, obtuse, humdrum, boring, plodding, tedious, monotonous, blah significan que no es afilado, penetrante o agudo.
  • Dull connota una falta o pérdida de agudeza, brío o acrimonia <a dull novel>.
    antonyms: sharp, poignant, lively
  • Obtuse indica un embotamiento a tal grado que insensibiliza en la percepción, el habla, o la imaginación <she was too obtuse to realize that she had insulted them>.
    antonyms: acute
  • Humdrum sugiere algo poco interesante debido a la rutina <humdrum household chores>.
  • Boring implica simplemente poco interesante <a boring job>.
  • Plodding sugiere lentitud y falta de imaginación <the book was written in plodding prose>.
  • Tedious sugiere una pesadez como resultado de tomar mucho tiempo <he made a tedious 45-minute speech>.
  • Monotonous describe algo que consume tiempo y es invariable <a monotonous task>.
  • Blah, un término muy informal y coloquial, indica que es aburrido y poco interesante <that club is just totally blah>.
2. See: Stupid

dull verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dulled, has dulled, is dulling, dulls
opacar, quitar el brillo a, deslustrar; embotar (un filo), entorpecer (los sentidos), aliviar (el dolor), amortiguar (sonidos)

Example sentences of
dull verb

  • Fog dulled the morning sunlight.
  • Special earplugs dulled the sound of the chain saw.
  • His hair dulled as he aged.
  • The dog's eyes dulled as he got sick.
  • She takes medicine to dull the pain.
  • Fear dulled his need for adventure.
  • The knife was dulled from use.
  • The blade should be replaced as soon as it dulls.

Synonyms of
dull verb

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Reverse translation for dull

torpe  - clumsy, awkward, stupid, dull 
lerdo  - clumsy, dull, oafish, slow-witted 
lento  - slow, slow-witted, dull 
desafilado  - blunt 
despuntado  - blunt, dull 
deslustrado  - dull, lusterless 
aburrido  - bored, tired, fed up, boring, tedious 
soso  - bland, flavorless, dull, boring 
pesado  - heavy, slow, irritating, annoying, tedious, boring, tough, difficult, ponderous 
opacar  - to make opaque or dull, to outshine, to overshadow 
deslustrar  - to tarnish, to dull 
embotar  (un filo) - to dull, to blunt, to weaken, to enervate 
entorpecer  (los sentidos) - to hinder, to obstruct, to dull 
aliviar  (el dolor) - to relieve, to alleviate, to soothe, to allay 
amortiguar  (sonidos) - to soften (an impact) 
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