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stupid adjective

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tonto, bobo, estupido; lento, torpe, lerdo

Example sentences of
stupid adjective

  • She angrily described her boss as a stupid old man.
  • He had a stupid expression on his face.
  • I'm not stupid enough to fall for that trick.
  • Why are you being so stupid?
  • It was stupid of me to try to hide this from you.
  • We were stupid to wait so long before we made a decision.
  • I did some pretty stupid things when I was young.
  • Two glasses of wine are enough to make me stupid.
  • I was stupid with fatigue.

Synonyms of
stupid adjective

Detailed synonyms for stupid adjective

Stupid, dull, dense, dumb, idiotic, brainless significan que carece o parece carecer del poder de absorber ideas o impresiones.
  • Stupid indica un estado mental torpe o confuso que puede ser hereditario o temporal <all their questions seemed stupid to her>.
    antonyms: intelligent
  • Dull connota una mente lenta o aletargada que puede resultar de una enfermedad, una depresión o un choque <a dull student>.
    antonyms: clever, bright, sharp
  • Dense indica una insensibilidad estúpida hacia las ideas o las impresiones <his sister usually wasn't quite so dense>.
    antonyms: bright
  • Dumb se aplica a una torpeza que exaspera, o una falta de comprensión <too dumb to figure out what's going on>.
  • Idiotic, brainless son términos potencialmente insultantes que implican una completa falta de sentido común <shouted that the memo was idiotic> <another of her brother's brainless stunts>.

Reverse translation for stupid

tonto  - dumb, stupid, silly 
bobo  - silly, stupid 
estupido  - stupid 
lento  - slow, slow-witted, dull 
torpe  - clumsy, awkward, stupid, dull 
lerdo  - clumsy, dull, oafish, slow-witted 
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