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adjective | verb

tame adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
domesticado, manso; dócil; aburrido, soso

Example sentences of
tame adjective

  • The island's birds are quite tame.
  • They ran a pretty tame campaign.
  • Some people were shocked by the movie, but I found the story pretty tame.
  • Members of the audience were too tame to interrupt the speaker.

Synonyms of
tame adjective

Detailed synonyms for tame adjective

1. Tame, submissive, meek significan dócil o incapaz de afirmar su propia voluntad.
  • Tame indica una falta de independencia y de espíritu que permite, o que resulta de, la dominación por parte de otros <their chickens were as tame and friendly as cats>.
    antonyms: fierce, untamed, wild
  • Submissive indica el estado de ánimo de uno que ha cedido su voluntad al control de otro, y que obedece o acepta incondicionalmente <submissive to authority>.
    antonyms: rebellious, stubborn
  • Meek sugiere sumisión, paciencia y falta de resentimiento <so meek that she actually walked behind her husband>.
    antonyms: feisty.
2. See: Obedient

tame verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tamed, has tamed, is taming, tames
domar, amansar, domesticar

Example sentences of
tame verb

  • It took a while to tame the horse.
  • the people who tamed the Wild West
  • He struggled to tame his temper.
  • The government needs to do something to tame inflation.
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre taming y domesticating?
  • Es común usar taming y domesticating de la misma manera, por más que no significan lo mismo. To tame significa entrenar a un animal individual para que coopere con humanos, y to domesticate significa adaptar una especie biológica entera (sean plantas o animales) para uso humano. Por ejemplo: Dogs and sheep are domesticated animals. Wolves can be tamed and live among humans.

Reverse translation for untamed

domesticado  - domesticated, tame 
manso  - gentle, meek, tame 
dócil  - docile 
aburrido  - bored, tired, fed up, boring, tedious 
soso  - bland, flavorless, dull, boring 
domar  - to tame, to break in 
amansar  - to tame, to soothe, to calm down 
domesticar  - to domesticate, to tame 
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