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3 Translation results for wild in Spanish

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wild adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
salvaje, silvestre, cimarrón; yermo, agreste; desenfrenado; loco, fantástico; bárbaro; errático

Example sentences of
wild adjective

  • Are there wild places high in the mountains?
  • I felt a wild rage.
  • He was wild with anger.
  • The crowd went wild when the band took the stage.

Detailed synonyms for wild adjective

See: Unruly

wild noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
jungla, selva, desierto, etc. (lugar lejos de la civilización)

Example sentences of
wild noun

  • They hiked through the wilds of Maine.
  • The plants were collected from the wild.
  • They will return the animal to the wild when it is healthy.
  • Could these animals survive in the wild?
  • I've only seen that animal in a zoo, never in the wild.

wild adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
desenfrenadamente, alocadamente

Example sentences of
wild adverb

  • These plants grow wild on the roadside.
  • as soon as the doors opened, early-morning bargain hunters ran wild through the store

Related phrases for wild

Reverse translation for wild

salvaje  - wild, savage, cruel, primitive, uncivilized 
silvestre  - wild 
cimarrón  - untamed, wild 
yermo  - barren, deserted 
agreste  - rural, wild, untamed 
desenfrenado  - unbridled, unrestrained, rampant 
loco  - crazy, insane, mad 
fantástico  - fantastic, imaginary, unreal, great, fantastic 
bárbaro  - barbarous, wild, uncivilized, great, fantastic 
errático  - erratic 
jungla  - jungle 
selva  - woods, jungle 
desierto  - desert 
etc.  (lugar lejos de la civilización)
desenfrenadamente  - wildly, with abandon 
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