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remark verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
remarked, has remarked, is remarking, remarks
observar; comentar

Example sentences of
remark verb

  • “It's so hot today,” she remarked.
  • her date awkwardly remarked on the attractiveness of the background music in the restaurant
  • "It's so hot today," she remarked.

Synonyms of
remark verb

Detailed synonyms for remark verb

Remark, observe, comment, note, mention significan hacer observaciones o juzgar.
  • Remark, observe indican poco más que el deseo de notar una cosa y de llamar la atención hacia ella <she remarked on her friend's excellent taste> <after a pause, he observed that it was getting dark>.
  • Comment recalca a menudo una interpretación crítica <refused to comment about the situation>.
  • Note connota hacer mención especial de algo <in her report she noted the absence of birds on the island>.
  • Mention connota referirse a alguien o a algo brevemente <at the very end of the letter he mentioned the money she still owed him>.

Reverse translation for to remark

observar  - to observe, to watch, to notice, to obey, to abide by, to remark, to comment 
comentar  - to comment on, to discuss, to mention, to remark 
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