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mention verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
mentioned, has mentioned, is mentioning, mentions
mencionar, mentar, referirse a

Example sentences of
mention verb

  • She's never mentioned anything to me about her husband.
  • I get nervous every time his name is mentioned.
  • They mentioned him by name.
  • I believe I mentioned the problem to you last week.
  • Most history books don't even mention the event.
  • As previously mentioned, his proposal has been widely criticized.
  • He fails to mention, however, the seriousness of the crime.
  • She mentioned that she would be out of the office the following day.

Synonyms of
mention verb

Detailed synonyms for mention verb

1. Mention, name, specify, cite significan referirse explícitamente a algo con el fin de hacerlo más claro o específico.
  • Mention indica el llamar la atención hacia algo, ya sea específicamente por nombre o por una referencia clara pero incidental <had mentioned the incident casually in conversation>.
  • Name indica el mencionar claramente un nombre y por lo tanto puede connotar una mayor explicitud <named her three favorite poets>.
  • Specify indica el hacer una declaración que es tan precisa, explícita y detallada que resultaría imposible malinterpretarla <specified the size and color she wanted>.
  • Cite implica citar las palabras exactas de un libro o un autor, o simplemente mencionar algo con el propósito de dar ejemplo o de apoyar una afirmación <he cited the final paragraph> <cited for his bravery in combat>.
2. See: Remark

mention noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
mention noun

  • In her speech, she carefully avoided any mention of her costar.
  • There was barely a mention of the plan's possible dangers.
  • The mere mention of blood makes me ill.
  • I get nervous at the mention of his name.
  • Her contributions deserve a mention.
  • One other issue deserves special mention.

Related phrases for mention

Reverse translation for mention

mencionar  - to mention, to refer to 
mentar  - to mention, to name 
mención  - mention 
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