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mix verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
mixed, has mixed, is mixing, mixes
mezclar; mezclarse; remover, revolver

Example sentences of
mix verb

  • To make frosting for the cake, mix powdered sugar with a little milk and vanilla.
  • You can make purple by mixing the colors red and blue.
  • Mix some water with the flour to make a paste.

Detailed synonyms for mix verb

Mix, mingle, blend, meld, merge, coalesce, amalgamate, combine significan combinar o combinarse, en un todo más o menos uniforme.
  • Mix indica un producto homogéneo, y puede indicar o no la pérdida de la identidad de cada elemento <mixing the salad greens>.
  • Mingle suele connotar que los elementos son aún distinguibles o individualmente activos <fear mingled with hope>.
  • Blend, meld indican que los elementos, como tales, desaparecen en la mezcla resultante <a wine that blended several grape varieties> <designers had soon melded the cell phone and the digital camera>.
  • Merge connota una combinación en la cual uno o más de los elementos se pierden en el todo <reality and fantasy had merged in her mind>.
  • Coalesce indica una afinidad en los elementos en proceso de unirse, y por lo general, una unidad orgánica resultante <five separate colonies that eventually coalesced into a single nation>.
  • Amalgamate connota la formación de una estrecha unión más que la pérdida de identidades individuales <several unions had amalgamated in order to focus their power>.
  • Combine connota el unir para formar un entero nuevo <so many good qualities combined in one person>.

Reverse translation for to mix

mezclar  - to mix, to blend, to mix up, to muddle, to involve 
mezclarse  - to get mixed up (in), to mix, to mingle (socially) 
remover  - to stir, to move around, to turn over, to stir up, to remove, to dismiss 
revolver  - to move about, to mix, to shake, to stir, to upset (one's stomach), to mess up, to rummage through 
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