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2 Translation results for revolver in English

verbo | sustantivo

revolver verbo

to move about, to mix, to shake, to stir; to upset (one's stomach); to mess up, to rummage through

revólver sustantivo


Reverse translation for revolver

to mix  - mezclar, mezclarse, remover, revolver 
to shake  - sacudir, agitar, hacer temblar, temblar, sacudirse, debilitar, hacer flaquear, afectar, alterar 
to stir  - mover, agitar, moverse, agitarse, revolver, remover, incitar, impulsar, motivar 
to upset  (one's stomach)
to mess up  - arruinar, estropear, crear un desastre, echar a perder, desordenar, desarreglar 
revolver  - revólver 
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