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to jump across
para saltar a través
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jump verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
jumped, has jumped, is jumping, jumps
saltar; brincar; saltarse; levantarse de un salto, sobresaltarse; moverse, pasar; atacar, asaltar; dar un salto, aumentarse de golpe, subir bruscamente; animarse, ajetrearse
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Example sentences of
jump verb

  • The circus lion jumped through the hoop.
  • The fans were jumping up and down with excitement.
  • Everyone was jumping for joy when we found out that we had won an award.
  • The cat jumped down off the table.
  • The runner jumped a hurdle.
  • The car jumped the curb.
  • Everyone jumped into the pool.
  • He jumped into his truck and drove away.
  • She jumped when she heard a loud knock late at night.
  • She jumped to an early lead in the race.

across adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
al través; a través, del otro lado; de ancho

Example sentences of
across adverb

  • The streams are small enough to jump across.
  • They walked across to the other side of the street.
  • They reached across and shook each other's hand.
  • At its widest point, the pond measures 150 feet across.
  • I saw them crossing the street and I waited until they were safely across.

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across adverb