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jump verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
jumped, has jumped, is jumping, jumps
saltar; brincar; saltarse; levantarse de un salto, sobresaltarse; moverse, pasar; atacar, asaltar; dar un salto, aumentarse de golpe, subir bruscamente; animarse, ajetrearse
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Example sentences of
jump verb

  • The circus lion jumped through the hoop.
  • The fans were jumping up and down with excitement.
  • Everyone was jumping for joy when we found out that we had won an award.
  • The cat jumped down off the table.
  • The runner jumped a hurdle.
  • The car jumped the curb.
  • Everyone jumped into the pool.
  • He jumped into his truck and drove away.
  • She jumped when she heard a loud knock late at night.
  • She jumped to an early lead in the race.

jump noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
salto; sobresalto, respingo; subida brusca, aumento; ventaja

Example sentences of
jump noun

  • The horse took the first jump easily but balked at the second.
  • took a small jump forward to avoid stepping in the puddle

Synonyms of
jump noun

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Reverse translation for jump

saltar  - to jump, to jump over, to jump, to leap, to bounce, to skip, to miss, to come off, to pop out, to shatter, to break, to explode, to blow up 
brincar  - to jump around, to leap about, to frolic, to gambol 
saltarse  - to skip, to omit 
moverse  - to move, to move over, to hurry, to get a move on, to get moving, to make an effort 
pasar  - to pass, to give, to pass, to go by, to come by, to pass (a test), to come in, to enter, to happen, to go over, to cross, to manage, to get by, to spend (time), to tolerate, to be over, to end, to go through, to suffer, to show (a movie, etc.), to overtake, to 
atacar  - to attack 
asaltar  - to assault, to mug, to rob 
ajetrearse  - to bustle about, to rush around 
salto  - jump, leap, skip, jump, dive (in sports), gap, omission 
sobresalto  - start, fright 
respingo  - start, jump 
aumento  - increase, rise 
ventaja  - advantage, lead, head start 
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