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to bear witness to
para dar testimonio de
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bear verb

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bore, has borne, is bearing, bears
soportar, resistir, aguantar; llevar, portar; dar a luz a (un niño); dar (frutas, cosechas); doblar, dar la vuelta
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The woman can't bear the girls' noisy playing any longer.

Example sentences of
bear verb

  • The company agreed to bear the costs.
  • The criminals must bear full responsibility for the deaths of these innocent people.
  • Who will bear the blame for this tragedy?
  • I can't bear cold weather.
  • a symphony that can bear comparison with Beethoven's best

witness noun

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testimonio; testigo

Example sentences of
witness noun

  • The defense called its first witness to the stand.
  • His aunt and uncle were witnesses at his baptism.
  • There must be two witnesses present when she signs the document.
  • a witness for the defense