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to be in the habit of
para tener el hábito de
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to, be, in, the, habit, of.

habit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
hábito, costumbre; hábito (de un monje o una religiosa); dependencia, adicción

Example sentences of
habit noun

  • It was his habit to take a nap after dinner every evening.
  • It's important that parents teach their children good study habits.
  • He fell into some bad habits after graduating from college.
  • It's never easy to break a bad habit.
  • He still gets up early every day from habit.
  • She always closed the door softly out of habit.
  • He hasn't been able to kick his cocaine habit.
¿Qué artículo usarías para la palabra habit: a o an?
  • La letra h en inglés se pronuncia a veces como consonante (habit, hero) y a veces no se pronuncia (herb, honor). Cuando se pronuncia como consonante, como con habit, usa a.