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noun | verb

practice noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
práctica; costumbre; ejercicio (de una profesión)

Example sentences of
practice noun

  • Being a good musician takes a lot of practice.
  • I'm sure you'll learn your lines for the play with enough practice.
  • They'll get better with practice.
  • I'm late for trumpet practice.
  • The marching band has practice every Wednesday afternoon.
  • The team's practices usually last two hours.
  • She has made a practice of volunteering at a homeless shelter one weekend a month.
  • The country's poor sanitation practices have led to widespread disease.
  • Burial practices vary around the world.
  • It is common practice among my friends to not use capital letters in e-mail.

Synonyms of
practice noun

Detailed synonyms for practice noun

See: Habit

practice verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
practiced, has practiced, is practicing, practices
practicar; ejercer

Example sentences of
practice verb

  • To be a good musician, you have to practice a lot.
  • Have you been practicing your lines for the play?
  • She had to practice flying in various weather conditions before she could get her pilot's license.
  • Grandmother taught us to practice good manners.
  • Practice what you preach—don't smoke if you tell your children not to smoke.
  • Practice what you preach-don't smoke if you tell your children not to smoke.

Synonyms of
practice verb

Detailed synonyms for practice verb

Practice, exercise, drill, rehearse, train significan desempeñar o hacer desempeñar regularmente.
  • Practice puede indicar el hacer algo habitualmente o regularmente <a license to practice law>, o el repetir una acción una y otra vez con el fin de adquirir competencia o pericia <practice on the piano each day>.
  • Exercise indica el permanecer en una labor y connota a menudo un fortalecimiento o desarrollo resultante <exercised in the gym every weekend>.
  • Drill connota un intento de fijar como un hábito, y recalca la repetición como medio de entrenamiento y de disciplina <she drills her class in pronunciation daily>.
  • Rehearse connota practicar algo para una dramatización pública <many orchestras can rehearse only once or twice before each concert>.
  • Train sugiere el proveerle a alguien una instrucción práctica en una profesión, destreza o trabajo <trained him on the new equipment>.

Reverse translation for practice

práctica  - practice, experience, exercising, application, practice 
costumbre  - custom, habit 
ejercicio  (de una profesión) - exercise, practice 
practicar  - to practice, to practice, to perform, to carry out, to exercise (a profession) 
ejercer  - to practice, exercise (a right), to exert 
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