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2 Translation results for tired in Spanish

adjective | verb

tired adjective

unfavorite favorite
cansado, agotado, fatigado

Example sentences of
tired adjective

  • I was really tired after the long trip.
  • She's too tired to go out tonight.
  • The children were tired after the hike.
  • We had to listen to the same old tired excuses again.

tire verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tired, has tired, is tiring, tires
cansar, agotar, fatigar; cansarse

Synonyms of
tire verb

Detailed synonyms for tire verb

Tire, weary, fatigue, exhaust significan hacer o hacerse, incapaz de continuar o indispuesto a hacerlo.
  • Tire indica el agotar las fuerzas o la paciencia de uno <the long ride tired us out>.
    antonyms: refresh
  • Weary indica el cansar al punto de no poder aguantar más <wearied of the constant arguments with his wife>.
  • Fatigue connota el causar gran lasitud a causa de una gran tensión o un esfuerzo excesivo <fatigued by the long climb>.
    antonyms: rest
  • Exhaust indica el agotamiento total de las fuerzas físicas o mentales causado por un pesado esfuerzo <the shoveling had left him exhausted>.
    antonyms: refresh

Related phrases for tired

Reverse translation for tired

cansado  - tired, tiresome, wearying 
agotado  - exhausted, used up, sold out, worn-out, tired 
fatigado  - weary, tired 
cansar  - to be tiresome, to wear out, to tire 
agotar  - to exhaust, to use up, to weary, to wear out, to sell out, to run out 
fatigar  - to fatigue, to tire 
cansarse  - to wear oneself out, to get bored 
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