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verb | noun

rest verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rested, has rested, is resting, rests
descansar; reposar; quedarse tranquilo; apoyar; pararse, detenerse; basarse (en), descansar (sobre), depender (de)

Example sentences of
rest verb

  • We will not rest until we discover the truth.
  • The workers were resting in the shade.
  • He is resting comfortably after his ordeal.
  • She went to her room to rest for a while.
  • The coach canceled practice to rest his team.
  • He rested his horse before continuing the journey.
  • You should rest your eyes after all that reading.
  • The pitcher needs to rest his arm.
  • The spoon was resting in the cup.
  • The house rests on a concrete foundation.

Synonyms of
rest verb

rest noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
reposo, descanso; soporte, apoyo; silencio (en musica); resto

Example sentences of
rest noun

  • None of us had much rest last night.

Synonyms of
rest noun

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Reverse translation for rest

descansar  - to rest, to rest, to relax 
reposar  - to rest, to repose, to stand, to settle, to lie, to be buried 
apoyar  - to support, to back, to lean, to rest 
pararse  - to stop, to stall (out), to stand up, to get up 
detenerse  - to stop, to delay, to linger 
basarse  (en) - be based 
descansar  (sobre) - to rest, to rest, to relax 
depender  (de) - to depend 
reposo  - repose, rest 
descanso  - rest, relaxation, break, landing (of a staircase), intermission 
soporte  - base, stand, support 
apoyo  - support, backing, patronage 
silencio  (en musica) - silence, quiet, rest (in music) 
resto  - rest, remainder 
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