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2 Translation results for rose in Spanish

noun | verb

rose noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
rosal (planta), rosa (flor); rosa (color)

Example sentences of
rose noun

  • He sent a dozen red roses to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.
  • Roses are usually white, yellow, red, or pink.

rise verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rose, has risen, is rising, rises
levantarse; elevarse, alzarse; salir (dícese del sol y de la luna); subir (dícese de las aguas, del humo, etc.); aumentar, subir; nacer, proceder

Example sentences of
rise verb

  • Smoke was rising into the air.
  • Bubbles rose to the surface of water.
  • The tide rose and fell.
  • The land rises as you move away from the coast.
  • a tower rising above the little town
  • a politician who rose to fame very quickly
  • The book has risen to the top of best-seller lists.
  • People are angry about rising gasoline prices.
  • The market is continuing to rise.
  • The wind rose in the afternoon.
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es rose.

Detailed synonyms for rise verb

Rise, arise, ascend, mount, soar, lift, climb, surge significan moverse o venir desde un nivel inferior a un nivel superior.
  • Rise se usa con referencia a personas o animales que se alzan desde una posición acostada o sentada <she rises every morning at five>, o a cosas que parecen subir a la vista o levantarse ellos mismos <hills rising from the plain>, o a un fluido que es echado hacia arriba por alguna fuerza natural <watched the river rising>.
    antonyms: decline, set l, etc.)
  • Arise es cercano a rise, pero es un poco más retórico o poético <doubts about the project soon arose>.
    antonyms: recline, slump
  • Ascend connota un trepar o un movimiento hacia arriba que es continuo o progresivo <the sun ascends until noon>.
    antonyms: descend
  • Mount, que es cercano a ascend, indica un movimiento gradual en dirección hacia arriba, hacia un nivel o grado aún más alto <her hopes mounted as the race went on>.
    antonyms: drop
  • Soar suele connotar una ascenso continuo, y a menudo rápido, a grandes altitudes, particularmente en lo intelectual, espiritual o estético <the price of oil was soaring>.
  • Lift sugiere levantarse del suelo o de otra superficie <the balloon lifted slowly into the sky>.
  • Climb connota subir algo alto o empinado usando los pies y frecuentemente las manos <climb a tree>, o ir más alto gradualmente <the plane had climbed 4,000 feet in just a few minutes>, o en un sentido no físico, moverse a una posición más alta <her second novel is climbing up the best-seller lists>.
  • Surge sugiere subirse y moverse en ondas <the sea was surging>.

Related phrases for rose

  • dog rose - rosal silvestre (tipo de árbol)

Reverse translation for rose

rosal  (planta) - rosebush 
rosa  (flor) - rose (flower), rose, pink (color) 
rosa  (color) - rose (flower), rose, pink (color) 
levantarse  - to rise, to stand up, to get out of bed 
elevarse  - to rise 
alzarse  - to rise up 
salir  (dícese del sol y de la luna) - to go out, to come out, to get out, to set out, to leave, to depart, to appear, to project, to stick out, to cost, to come to, to turn out, to prove, to come up, to occur 
subir  (dícese de las aguas, del humo, etc.) - to bring up, to take up, to go up, to come up, to climb, to go up, to rise, to increase, to raise, to be promoted 
aumentar  - to rise, to increase, to grow, to increase, to raise 
subir  - to bring up, to take up, to go up, to come up, to climb, to go up, to rise, to increase, to raise, to be promoted 
nacer  - to be born, to hatch, to bud, to sprout, to rise, to originate 
proceder  - to proceed, to act, to behave, to be appropriate, to be fitting 
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